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Check out my top 4 reasons why THIS may be the BEST TIME to sell your house.

You may be wondering...

"Is it TOO LATE in the year to sell my home? Maybe we should just wait until next spring. No one buys a house this time of year!"

Check out my top 4 reasons why this way of thinking could keep you from selling your house. You may be surprised to learn that NOW is the perfect time to sell!

1. People are still looking for houses RIGHT NOW! 

I am currently working with many buyers and am POSITIVE other realtors in the area are also working with buyers who STILL NEED A HOUSE. These buyers either didn't get the house they wanted this summer because there was so much competition OR simply weren't ready to buy yet. Either way, there are still plenty of BUYERS in October, November and December!

2. Your house can still be presented beautifully this time of year BEFORE the snow flies. 

Fall is one of the MOST POPULAR seasons of the year in Maine - why not play off that emotion to buyers? You can highlight your house with beautiful fall accents, cozy fireplaces and the smells of pumpkin coffee! (And, YES, I offer FREE professional staging and photography to help achieve that perfect look!)

3. Don't be fooled in thinking people don't buy houses after summer. 

Of the 17,600 residential homes that sold in Maine in 2016, nearly 5,000 houses sold from September 1-December 31st. Fall is a pretty active time of year for buying and SELLING!

4. Lastly, TAKE ADVANTAGE of the fact that most potential sellers THINK this is a bad time to sell! 

The truth is BUYERS look all year round because they NEED a house for relocating, expanding, downsizing, etc! You will have less competition from other sellers if you sell during these "quieter" months! While Spring is a great time to sell - everyone will be listing in the Spring which means competition will be heavy! 

Does this mean you should absolutely try and sell your home now? No, of course not. BUT it is ALWAYS a good idea to discuss your goals and options with a REAL ESTATE professional. 

Contact me for a FREE consult and learn more about what the best course of action is for you and your family!

~Tim Dunham

Tim@DunhamRealty.com or 207-729-7297



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