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Professional Staging & Photography

At Tim Dunham Realty, we know your house needs to be looking great before it goes on the market.  That's why we invest in a professional real estate stager and professional photographer - a few of the many benefits of listing with us.
Professional Real Estate Staging
Often called the most critical step when selling your house, Real Estate Staging transforms your house into a potential buyer’s dream home. The conversion is a delicate process. While most realtors focus on neutralizing and depersonalizing your home, the true art of Staging is turning your house into a warm, cozy and inviting home. A successful stager will draw on the emotions of the buyer swaying their logical house “needs” list to a “I must have this home” feeling. Once this happens, negotiations fall in favor of the seller. 
Professional Photographs
There’s nothing that compares to professional photos. Great lighting, equipment, the perfect camera lens and a professional’s touch make your home look like a masterpiece online - where nearly every potential buyer will see it for the first time.
Contact us today with questions about staging - we're happy to help!
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