The Staging Dilemma

The Staging Dilemma

Written by Michelle Davis, Professional Real Estate Stager for Tim Dunham Realty

Over the past few weeks I’ve been pretty busy going to people’s homes and helping them stage their house to sell faster. Every time I go to someone’s house I wonder, “Is the homeowner ready for what they are about to hear?”  

As a homeowner, it can be a bit intimidating to have a stranger walk into your house and start moving around personal belongings, critiquing existing decor and suggesting packing away items that may have sentimental value.  

Thankfully, with the help of TV shows like Staged to Perfection and Designed to Sell, most homeowners are already on board with the process.  This was not the case 10 plus years ago when staging first started.  More often than not, homeowners would argue why my new furniture arrangement didn’t work for them or they didn’t like how I hung their artwork.  

Real estate staging is similar to decorating because it is beautifying a space using design techniques. HOWEVER, the big difference is staging is about decorating for the potential buyer NOT the homeowner. This is where things can potentially get a little uncomfortable.

When making my staging recommendations I usually do not consider the homeowner’s personal taste. This may be a tough pill to swallow at first but it’s critical to successfully stage a home.  

Most of us (including me) decorate our homes to suit our personal taste and how we function or live. That includes furniture arrangement, paint colors, organization, personal touches and so on.

BUT if your home is on the market, you need to start thinking differently. If you want to make your home more appealing to potential buyers, it’s time to start thinking about what they would like – neutral colors, organization, simplicity, extra space, coziness, and cleanliness.

So don’t be stuck in this common staging dilemma of wanting your house to be decorated “your way” while it’s on the market. Remember, you are selling your house NOT your home.

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Welcome to My New Blog!

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