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David L. “Dave” Ramsey III is an American financial author, radio host, television personality, and motivational speaker. His show and writings strongly focus on encouraging people to get out of debt. New York Times best-selling author and radio host Dave Ramsey is America’s trusted voice on money. Learn how to budget, beat debt, and build a legacy.

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Buying a home is one of the biggest, most exciting decisions you will make in your lifetime. It can also be a very time consuming and complex process if you don’t have an experienced professional helping you through the process.

Having the best available tools, understanding the home buying process and working with an experienced realtor can make all the difference. The Tim Dunham Realty team prepares you for what to expect, assists you through the difficulties and frees up your time and energy to ensure that the experience is rewarding.

As your Realtors we provide essential services to help you reach your goals:

1. We start with an Initial consultation to learn more about the area you want to live in and why, your absolute must have’s and “wish” lists as well as your financing plan and timeline. We also love to meet the people involved in the process like your family because buying a house is exciting for everyone! 

2. Now the fun part! Your home search plan begins with you reviewing houses that meet your criteria online, then we take it on the road- seeing each house in person. Each showing helps us learn more about your likes and dislikes to find your dream home!

3. Applying for your mortgage, getting pre-approved, and learning the expectations of underwriters can be daunting. We work with great lenders that make the financing part of the home-buying process achievable and a great experience.

4. Once you’ve found your dream home, the writing of your offer is critical. The market place can be competitive so it’s important to have a Realtor with negotiating experience and the ability to get creative if necessary. Contracts can be confusing so rest assured you have the knowledge of an experienced real estate professional.

5. At last, you are under contract. This is an exciting step but, still, there is more important work to do. Inspections are another critical part when buying a home and should not be overlooked. You should know everything about the property you are buying to determine if there are any red flags that may require further discussion with the seller.

6. Pre-closing and settlement are the last steps before home ownership. You are now proud, home-owners of your dream home or fixer upper. Our team is sincerely humbled to be part of your new home experience.

Here are some helpful things to consider when searching for a professional Realtor:

  • How available is the agent if you need to contact them?
  • What method of communication will be used and how often will the agent check in with you?
  • Does the agent have local area knowledge?
  • Do you require an agent with specific property experience (i.e. foreclosures, short-sales)?
  • Does the agent offer tools to make the search easier?
  • Can you get all the services that you need through the agent?

We are committed to helping you find the home you desire.  Call 207-729-7297 or Tim@DunhamRealty.com to learn more.

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