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Tim Dunham - Topsham

958 Lewiston Road
Topsham, ME 04086

Email Phone: (207) 729-7297

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Meet Tim, learn about his unique marketing services and what his clients and colleagues have to say about his real estate expertise...

Tim Dunham is committed to his clients’ success and his track record proves it.   His talents, skills, experience, resources and amazing communication techniques are the perfect combination to help buyers and sellers achieve their goals as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Tim successfully created his own Real Estate Agency in 2003 and has grown to be one of the most successful Realtors in Southern and Central Maine in a very short time.  But if you knew Tim, you wouldn’t be surprised.  He has spent his life in commission sales - even as a sophomore in High School, he worked at Sears in Lewiston successfully outselling full-time employees throughout New England working only 20 hours a week - selling has always been in his blood!

Tim's ability to effectively communicate and help solve people’s problems - or as Tim would like to say “opportunities” - is the foundation for his clients' successes.  When you add a sincere love for what he does, you truly get the perfect real estate professional who is humble yet confident, creative and respected.  

One reason why Tim is an excellent Realtor is because he makes sure to use his time and expertise wisely.  He has developed a system that is unmatched for sellers and buyers.  His strategies consist of using professionals for staging and photographing your home because he knows his time is better spent marketing and negotiating rather than figuring out if the couch should be moved or the lighting is too low.  By personally hiring professional stagers and photographers to make sure every home he lists is impeccable, he surpasses what almost all other Realtors do!  And that’s just the beginning of his strategic marketing plan!

Tim knows we are in a digital world.  The days of print advertising in specialty real estate booklets are long gone.  He has re-strategized his marketing efforts to target audiences online and boy does it work!  Again, something most other Realtors haven’t even thought about yet.

Tim is a tried and true Mainer.  He grew up in Lewiston and currently lives in Topsham with the love of his life and four fun and crazy children.  He is very involved as a member of TNT Bible Church in Topsham.

Some of Tim’s important recognitions include being one of the Top 40 Performing Realtors in Maine! (selling more than 99.2% of Maine Realtors) and the 2013 Realtor of the Year by the MerryMeeting Board of Realtors.  He is a recognized leader in the real estate industry and currently serves as the President of the MLS (Maine Listings).  His past titles include the following:

Androscoggin Board of Realtors: 2009 President, 2006-2010 Director and Executive Officer

Merrymeeting Board of Realtors (greater Brunswick area) 2015 President, 2012-2016 Director and Executive Officer

Lincoln County Board of Realtors

Maine Listings (Maine’s MLS) 2014, Executive Officer, 2015 Vice President, 2017 President

Maine Association of Realtors, 6 Years Director 2007-2009 & 2013-2015

There is no question, Tim has made an astounding impact on Maine's real estate market, but you should find out for yourself.  Call or email Tim and meet him personally to learn firsthand how he can help your real estate goals come to fruition!