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All my wife and I knew was that we wanted a home in mid-coast Maine. Coming from Seattle, where the real estate climate and regulations are very different, we were hopelessly under-prepared for the task of house hunting in the northeast. The one thing we had going for us (until we met Jennifer and her husband Shawn, also an agent at the same firm) was that we didn't have to rush.....  we could stay almost a year at an inn in Phippsburg, if we needed to. 

Jennifer knows her stuff, I have to say that right off. But maybe more importantly, she knows how to explain the often byzantine ins and outs of the loan and real estate process in a manner that keeps you interested and engaged. That's no easy feat; she comes armed with reams of data the likes of which I generally find overwhelming, but her skill at prioritizing the information and sorting it into an appropriate timeline left me feeling more educated than exhausted. I cannot overstate how huge that was for my wife and me.

She responded quickly and genially even when we had to have been encroaching on her family time. We tried to keep that to a minimum of course, but at those times when we just had to know something, Jennifer was there.

I could go on about Jennifer's knowledge of construction and heating choices, drainage issues and landscaping, but the list would be too long. She's the real deal, and my wife and I consider ourselves darned lucky to have had her in our corner. The fact that she works closely with her husband Shawn (so you get sort of a two-fer) was a pretty big plus too. Give her a shot; you'll see what I mean.

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