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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Kim was an amazing agent and advocate for my cross-country home buying journey. I truly would not have made it through this process without her!!! She showed me homes all over the map and spent hours driving to and from locations - even FaceTiming me since I was out of state. She was a lifesaver!

Marsha was absolutely amazing to work with. We were relocating from Mid-Maine and did almost the entire transaction remotely. Marsha made everything so easy! From meeting us later in the evening for the showing, to doing all the paperwork online, to providing a list of inspectors to choose from, she did everything possible to make relocating a breeze. Even when we ran into an issue with a minor repair that was needed before our loan could be approved, Marsha reached out to a local company and facilitated the repair on our behalf. I would absolutely recommend Marsha to anyone looking to buy or sell a house.

I moved here from out of state and started shopping for a home. I clicked on a home that I thought I wanted...turned out my realtor knew my interests better than I. She asked for a "wish list". Well she granted my wishes and then some. First property she sent over was the one. I was blown away by   her attention to what I had asked for. Her and her team worked very hard to get me in this home and I am forever thankful! I will definitely send people her way! Thank you Kim!!!!

My husband and I have purchased two homes with Shawn Kerwin.  He is very knowledgeable, professional, honest and kind.  He always available to answer my insane number of questions with patience, and he always followed through with what he said he was going to do.  He is one of the best and we highly recommend him!!!

I met marsha on a Sunday night, at 8 pm, when I queried "real estate agents in booth bay" - Marsha saw this request, and called me within minutes. Since that time she has helped me through the process of home purchase, made even more complex by our out of state status. She is knowledgeable, hard working, responsive, and by far the best agent I have worked with through my home purchases. Example, I needed measurements of the home AFTER we had an agreement to purchase. Marsha contacted the seller, went to the home, and measured the home to facilitate purchase of furniture. She engaged with local resources like neighbors and contractors to facilitate communication and property integrity. I will be utilizing Marsha for all subsequent purchases in Maine, and would highly recommend her. don't hesitate to contact me directly if you would like additional information.

I greatly enjoyed my time working with Kim during this process. She was responsive, honest and works way too many hours. She was fun to work with but also appropriately professional throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that needs help with navigating this process and wants to have a little fun through it as well. I am a big fan of Kim and will be calling her when it's time to put my other house on the market.

My husband and I just closed on our new home last week. It was long and at times very frustrating. Problems kept popping up and we kept thinking we would never close on it. Marsha was great from the beginning. She had a solution for EVERY problem that came up. When I thought the outlook was bleak she knew how to fix it. She was always quick to call or respond to me and my husband when we texted or called. It was a pleasure to work with her. I would definitely recommend her and we would work with her again in the future.

I can't say enough good things about Kim. She was highly knowledgeable about the area of Maine we were searching in and she helped us with every part of the process from searching to buying. She always responded quickly to our emails and knew how to get answers to our questions. I am certain that  we would have paid a higher price for our home if not for her advice on negotiations! Most importantly, she is a wonderful, kind, funny, and positive person who made the whole process a joy. This is our fifth home to purchase and I've never worked with a realtor as wonderful as Kim.

Kim was wonderful to deal with. She was on top of every detail and did an excellent job of communicating throughout the buying process. I highly recommend her and will seek her assistance on my next purchase or sale.


"It was a great pleasure to work with Kim throughout the entirety of this process. Kim was incredibly responsive to all my requests and needs. At all times, Kim was incredibly professional while at the same time offering sensitive and compassionate advice. Kim was incredibly knowledgeable and considerate. I would highly recommend Kim to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in this marketplace!"

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