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Decorate to Sell

It is the secret to selling your home faster and for more money. Do you want to sell your house fast and maximize your profit?

Decorating to Sell ensures your house gets the attention it deserves!

Tim Dunham Realty will hire a professional interior redesign specialist to provide this unique marketing strategy to its clients at no charge.

To learn more about free decorating to sell services and listing your house with Tim Dunham Realty, call 800-846-3864 today!

What is Decorating To Sell?

Preparing your house to sell requires showcasing its best features and minimizing any flaws. Creating an environment that is warm, inviting and appealing to potential buyers is equally important. By utilizing simple decorating to sell techniques, our interior redesign specialist transforms your home into a house that will grab potential buyers’ attention.

You will sell your house faster and enjoy greater profits through this unique and powerful marketing technique.

Benefits to the Seller:

  • Maximize your profits (greater return on Real Estate investment)
  • Sell your house faster
  • Less stress of wondering “when will it sell?”
  • Fewer showings and open houses which means less interruptions
  • Start life in your new home sooner

“There is a huge difference between a well decorated home and a house designed to sell. Through simple decorating techniques, your house can be transformed into a home of a prospective buyer’s dreams!”
-Michelle, Interior Redesign Specialist for Tim Dunham Realty

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