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| Tim Dunham - Topsham

Tim Dunham - Topsham

958 Lewiston Road
Topsham, ME 04086

Email Phone: (207) 729-7297

About Noly

I moved to Maine, from South Florida, in 2005 and quickly fell in love with the beautiful environment and sense of community many take for granted. Having been a part of Maine’s mid-coast and greater Portland communities for the last 15 years, I have built strong relationships and have gotten to know these areas, and what they have to offer, intimately.  My family and I love hiking, camping, fishing, and kayaking around Maine whenever the opportunity presents itself, which is almost always! 

I’ve spent the last twenty years in positions of management, leadership and education as the forefront of my various endeavors. Having remodeled multiple properties of my own, I have built a solid repertoire of skills in plumbing, carpentry, electrical work and general construction. This has given me a strong sense of understanding and intuition when seeing new properties, assessing the pros and cons of a structure and the surrounding area, and matching a property to the wants and needs of clients.